We welcome as sponsors this year – Icarus Football – an independent, design-focussed brand that was founded in 2017 to provide teams with unique and personal kits.

While most Philadelphia mothers were buying their kids Power Rangers and McNabb jerseys, Robby Smukler’s bought him sketchbooks and Andriy Shevchenko shirts. As a child, Robby would spend all of his time researching the history of a random city in a random country, and then sketching crests and football kits for an imaginary club that played there. Still to this day, you can find Robby with a sketchbook, doing what he loved as a kid.

Each team that Icarus works with is provided with a dedicated graphic design professional who will work with them to produce totally unique designs that reflect their club’s identity. In just over 5 years of business, Icarus has brought unique kits to over 2000 teams around the world, including professional outfits in leagues like NISA (US 3rd Tier), Ghana Premier League, Botswana Premier League and Bhutan Premier League. No two designs that Icarus has used have ever been the same. And they never will be.

Soccer cards united

Soccer Cards United

Ireland’s premium soccer card vendors, esteemed podcasters and sponsors of this year’s event. Like the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan, the Soccer Cards United store will be a hub for European and global shoppers! Our aim is “to be the store we wish we had when we first started in the hobby.”

Kit Launch

Kitlaunch simply began as a passion for retro football shirts, and the interest shown by others when wearing them. To begin with, I started helping my close friends and teammates source vintage football shirts online from particular nostalgic periods. There was an obvious gap in the market for something like this within Ireland as the customer base grew which ultimately led to the release of the first KitLaunch website in September 2020. The site has become a major hit not just with our Irish fan base but has reached customers in over 50+ countries, including Australia, Argentina, and even now Saudi Arabia!

NI Clasico

NI CLASICO, formerly NI CLASSIC SHIRT CO, started in 2019 by Ryan Gilmore. Originally starting out in Belfast and now based in Newtownards County Down. The shop offers shirts for clubs and countries worldwide at very competitive prices with regular new stock drops. Worldwide shipping is available.

Onside Jerseys

 The new kid on the block! Launched in January, Onside Jerseys aim is to provide you with a wide selection of affordable authentic vintage jerseys and training wear from Premier League, LOI European Leagues and the MLS.

Irish Sports Museum

A small number of sports enthusiasts and collectors established the Irish Sports Museum with the aim of helping to educate and inspire old and young generations alike in respect of the sporting prowess and success of our athletes and teams from across the island of Ireland. We also want to provide a hub of information for research and general interest purposes.We will be displaying some classic pieces and have some extraordinary stock for sale at Kit Con Éire.

Argentina Football Shirts

Argentina Football Shirts was set up by Jamie Ralph & Nicolás Bloj in 2021 to provide an accessible English – language online store for purchasing official shirts from Argentina in Europe. With bases in both Limerick, Ireland and Buenos Aires, Argentina, A.F.S. have already built a trustworthy reputation within online kit communities for their reliability and customer service. At Kit Con Éire, they will have a full range of both club and national team shirts for sale (all brand new) from the country who won the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Golazzo Shirts

Based in Cork, Golazzo Shirts brings you the memorable shirts that have marked our beautiful game down through the years. Handpicked from around the globe, in all shapes and sizes and at great prices! We are delighted to be back again this year at KitConÉire and will have plenty of new stock available.

Premier Shirt Displays

The greatest way to display your most valuable shirts. Check them out on their website.

Calcio Culture Club

Niall is a vintage football kit collector and seller who started Calcio Culture Club in January 2021, a small vintage football brand that celebrates the kits, culture and history of football. Whether it’s the team, the style or the nostalgia, Calcio Culture Club sources authentic vintage classics from around the world to bring to Irish kit collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Football Kitbox

Classic, rare and unique football shirts from around the world, delivered straight to you by Football Kitbox. We are the original Kitbox subscription company with a track record in unbeatable value, premium quality and unrivalled customer service. Director and Founder Paul Behan is also the man behind Kit Con Eire.